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Posted With Windows Live Writer

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You’ve got to check out Microsoft Windows Live Writer and what you can do with it. I used it to post this posting at WordPress and also used it to post a posting at Blogger. Check out the cool picture features that can be applied to images. See example below.

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Online Update – Where Is Jim?

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According to Jim

According to Jim

I know I haven’t written much over here in the past year or so. So, I thought I would let everyone know out there in Internet land, that I’ve been busy and where you can find me online. You can find some of my latest technical writings at

In my spare time, when I am not directly working on marketing clients’ websites, landing pages, or online advertising campaign management, or building up a customer’s brand on the Internet, I’ve been diving into the electronic and printed circuit board side of the iMac G5 Apple Computers.

I had purchased one of these iMac G5 PowerPC computers approximately 3.5 years ago, and along with that purchase, I also added the three year Apple Care extended warranty to the deal. Well, as luck would have it, two months after the warranty was up, my iMac died. So, being the MacGyver (MacGyver is an American adventure television series, produced in the United States and Canada, about the laid-back, extremely resourceful secret agent MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson. FYI) I decided to do something about it myself.

You can read about my Apple Adventures and Apple repairs here.

Best regards,


Build Your Own Search Engine

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Author: Jim Warholic

Jim WarholicWith the Google Custom Search Engine you can build your own custom search engine and publish it online.

Maybe you need to frequently visit various groups of websites looking for Internet marketing research information. By grouping this selection of websites into one search engine you can quickly find the research information you need. Other times you might want to integrate information from the general search population into specific results in order to fine tune it for a specific industry.

The nice thing about the search engine is it also allows you to publish it on a blog or a website.

There is even a feature that allows you to add it to your personalized Google home page.

Add to Google

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Hot Internet Business

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How bright is your business and website on the Internet?

Hot Solar Flares

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The Wild Wild West

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In one of the most well received shows in television history, The Wild Wild West is also one of the most memorable. Now you can re-live the show with listening to the theme song of The Wild Wild West at TGIF Fridays.

5 Star Review of the Wild Wild West DVD Video

Starring Robert Conrad as Agent James T. West, along with the late and deeply lamented, Ross Martin, who portrayed his partner, Artemis Gordon, master of disguise and invention, the series ran on CBS from 1965-1969.

Read the Wild Wild West review. Listen Live at TGIF, Thank God It’s Friday, Wild Wild West Fridays

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T.G.I.F. Fridays

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Announcing the launch of the new TGIF Fridays Website in which creativity and fun is the norm.

Start off with a visit with Friday’s Godaddy Girl

Don’t Forget To Hit TGIF Friday’s Hot Button.

Have some fun and explore.

See About Fridays and This Day In Friday’s History

Send in your emails to Friday’s Contact

Remember, with TGIF Friday’s Website you can turn your Monday’s to Friday’s everyday at TGIF. Earn some T.G.I Friday Search Engine Gold Link Points with a link to Fridays.WS

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Keyword Development

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How much sense does it make, to develop keywords that are seldom used?

There are two schools of thought here. One SEO School says that the keywords selected to be used throughout the website should be the least competitive keywords so it is much more likely to be found in the search results. The other SEO School says to develop the natural keywords throughout the website along with logical variations of keyword phrases including plural uses of the keyword and various tenses using proper writing syntax and grammar.

Which do you think is right?

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