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Internet Marketing And Online Advertising Scams

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The emails are flowing on this holiday season. The gift of giving that old fashion Bird Seed just does not want to stop.

One of these Internet specials that gets wrapped with a different bow depending on the week sent, is the discount on getting to the top of the search engine results pages. See: Online Advertising Scam “Search Engine Data Merging”

Free Submission Being Charged For
See this article on Free Internet Information Repackaged And Sold

Other things that are free are continually getting rewrapped in enticing offers of submitting your website to the Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search engines.

Here is a quote from the latest (names changed)

Get into Google within 7 days!

When getting into Google quickly is your top priority, G-Bst is the answer!

G-Bst, our bestselling advanced Google submission service gives you the best chance of 7 day inclusion in the world’s most used search engine. For only $19.95, can you afford not to G-Bst your website?

G-Bst your website now!

The vast majority of our customers get included within 7 days, ensuring they can get exposure to the 89.9 million unique visitors that Google offers.

This is what our G-Bst customers have to say:

“I checked Google the *next* day and my site was already listed!”

“I’m very impressed with ???.com! On their G-Bst, they said it would take up to 7 days, I checked Google the *next* day and my site was already listed! $19.95 is a *small* price to pay, everyone should do it!”

J R name, Webmaster

?Name? was back in Google within a week.

“Almost immediately we started to get emails and phone calls. Our actual sales of Rooern have more than doubled over the same period last year and I anticipate a four fold increase in actual sales dollars this month from the inquiries we have had so far…”

Name & Name

Get rapid Google results with G-Bst

For more information about the full ??? product range, visit http://www.???.com

Best regards,

??? Sales & Service

Folks, listen. You do not have to pay anything to submit to the search engines. The top three search engines have free submit. See my posting at: Search Engine Optimization Question

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